And we Italians really know how to recognize beauty! Let them demonstrate it in everything we create around us. Whether it is the choice in clothing, cars, art and even in our furniture. So why not in mirrors, such an important element to frame this beauty?

The mirror can be much more than a simple object to check that our clothing is in order. At Mainini Arredamenti we experience the mirror as an integral part of the furniture. In fact, the mirror reflects light, bringing more brightness into a room. And it also reflects the external landscape, creating a virtual "window" with a view where a window normally wouldn't be. And even a small entrance mirror can become an unusual and interesting object, with a particular shape or with lighting around the frame. Or why not, a large mirror that hides a large television, which then disappears behind the mirror when not in use.

Naturally, this "view" must be "framed" in a consistent way, and it is here that the mirror frame becomes an integral part of the furniture: whether it is modern or classic, simple or complex, small and almost invisible or large and showy, nowadays mirrors no longer disappear like before, but are instead a central element of our home.

We invite you to visit our furniture stores in Reggio Emilia and Parma to help you choose the mirror that best suits your needs.